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A Rage at Sea Frederick Lorenz

A Rage at Sea

Frederick Lorenz

Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

Follow the suspenseful and high-seas adventure of Dixon, a down-and-out boat captain in south Florida. Having lost his own ship gambling, Dixon spends his days drowning his sorrows in drink. It’s a tough way to survive, though, so desperation forces Dixon to make a choice—return to the sea or drown in a tidal wave of decadence and despair. Against his better judgment, he signs on as captain of the Almacor—a ship and crew about which he knows nothing–and learns first-hand about danger and violence on the high seas.They were off on a seaborne spree, men with nothing but money on their hands, women with nothing but uninhibited pleasure on their minds. Until, suddenly, horror struck. Only four remained alive, cast ashore on a deserted island in the loneliest backwaters of the Bahamas. Passions became terrors, and under the strain of the ordeal the most fierce emotions surged to the surface. And soon one of the four lay motionless on the beach, his life ebbing silently into the sands. And then two others were hunting each other in the underbrush like beasts—while the fourth over whom they were fighting, waited patiently to see which one would survive.